Thursday, November 8, 2007

what was that?

Last November 6 was our scheduled date of enrollment but sad to say I was not able to enroll that day because i still had no grade in my Math 11, which is College Algebra, though i have been able to take the removal exams. So i was just there in school staring at busy people. A lot of things were on my mind during that time: the enrollment, our block shirt, Peewee's birthday and my removal exam in Math 100 the following day. I'm so sick of Math but I promise to do good in Statistics(;D)... Anyways, it was also Zedher's birthday and i was supposed to go to the apartment of Ordisi and co. because she had a little salo-salo prepared there. Around 4 pm, i decided to check our block shirt and ended up paying the balance using my budget for enrollment to be able to get the shirts. Afterwards, i went to the salo-salo. Along the way, a friend texted that they'd watch Stardust and asked me if i wanted to join. Out of nowhere, i said yes. Arriving at the apartment, they were also there so after a plate of spaghetti and siomai, we went to SM City and the reason for writing this blog entry starts there...

Theatrical trailers were starting to roll when we entered the cinema and i saw part of the trailer of this one movie, The Bucket List.

"Just because I told you my story, does not invite you to be a part of it"

This line got my attention. Pictures of the past started to crowd up in my head.

I think I am the kind of person whom you could tell the whole story of your life including some of your secrets and expect that nothing of your private or secluded world would go out unless you tell me to do so. Sometimes, i think the not so good part of it is that i'm expecting to be already part of that story. I tend to interfere at times. But that was "Before"...

I've learned a lot from this. I thought I'm being of great help but turns out that I am not. It's hard to explain but the "knowing that you were not helping at all but rather you're already interfering and they are annoyed" sort of feeling is one of the worst aftershock that one could have.

So after that experience, i promised myself not to do that stuff anymore and I'm proud to say that I really am not doing it anymore.

Going back, i was in my seat already but this was still in my head but when the movie started it started to get off my mind because the movie started to interest me at the same time. When Stardust ended, i don't know what happened to me but I started to act "weird". I dunno how to explain it but all i know is that a lot of things were on my mind that time. I was troubled, excited, thrilled, happy, sad and scared. I was in a state of mixed emotions, in a sort of "i just saw a ghost" state and i don't know.

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