Thursday, August 28, 2008


Music from basic definition is the language of the soul. Yeah, for me, its my only way to release everything within me, all the emotions, inhibitions, etc. From the moment you wake up to the second that you close your eyes, music is present though it may be unnoticeable. It became my company from the most significant to the most insignificant moments in my life.

So music through the years. Let me share with you some.

36 Days by Hawk Nelson
"I feel so alive, though part of me is gone and this life I lead is the life that I've dreamed of since I was the age of twelve."
-Life is full of uncertainties and new beginnings. For me, it speaks of sacrifice as you pursue what you've always dreamed of. The reality of it is a bit sad actually.

Sail Away by The Rasmus
"No reason to lie, no need to pretend. I'm grateful to die, to live once again. I'm fearless to fly, to reach for the end."
-Another sad song. It tells of the reality that everyone would come to the twilight of its life. Its a love song actually. I heard this back in 4th year high school when our batch were about to go separate ways. The song somehow is relevant and it still do makes me emotional at times.

Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson
"Halaka Ukelele mama made a baby"
-Oh well, this one is just cool. As to how my ind interprets it, its a song for those who don't have time to take it a bit slow, relax. There's always time. Haha..=D

Little Wonders by Rob Thomas
"All of my regret will wash away somehow but i cannot forget how i feel right now."
-The most encouraging song I've ever heard. We should cherish every single moment in our lives. We tend to ignore small hours that we spend with people but its not impossible you are, at the same time, what they needed at that very hour and may change their whole life(??). Keep moving forward says the Disney movie Meet the Robinsons. We fail yet it is certain that it will come to an end.

Those are only some of the many that continually inspires me(@_@).

Friday, August 22, 2008




As short as the statement may be, one can never put an end to it as simple as a drawing a dot. Earlier this afternoon, we were required to attend BUSINESS MAX: UPSIZE in lieu of our class in BA 181 under Ma'am Tan. Php150 might be a big amount for us mere college students but after attending the seminar, it was all worth it. Its just a simple "talk" but with bigtime speakers. The speakers were from MAYAD STUDIOS, LEVEL-UP(online gaming stuff) and BBDO.

Honestly, their works were the one that convinced me how great they were and considering some facts about them, you might as well be amazed on their obra and at the same time, the principles that they apply on the workplace, individually and as a team.

Want to visit them?

But before anything i else, i'd like to recommend the video that BBDO showed during the program. This is only one of the many videos shown and CREATIVITY is really a factor when it comes to the field of advertising. I hope you could spare a few minutes to watch the video.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Bumabalik.. Bumabalik nanaman... Pero hindi ako sigurado...

Sa dinami-dami ng mga mukhang nakikita ko sa araw-araw, ang gusto ko lang naman ay makita kahit hindi ang kabuuan, kahit nakatalikod ka lang o nakatagilid. Sa kalagitnaan ng mga mag-aaral na nagsisilabasan sa kani-kanilang silid-aralan, pilit kitang tinatanaw, nagbabaka-sakaling makita ka kahit sandali lang. Buhok mo pa lang, alam ko na na ikaw iyon. May mga oras na mag-isa akong tumatambay sa bench o naglalakad-lakad sa palibot ng unibersidad sa kadahilanang baka makita kita. Oras na mangyari iyon, tila may isang bahagi sa sarili ko na nagsasabing, "Ok ka na. Pwede na yan para sa ngayon." Sa mga sandaling napapatingin ka sa akin (o baka sa tao sa likod ko), parang yelo lang akong tinutunaw, nanlalamig at mga tuhod ay nanginginig. Sa mga mumunting saglit na tinig mo'y aking naririnig, walang halong biro, musika na para sa akin iyon.

Mayroon pa bang mas nanaisin pa kundi ang makasama ka?

Oo, nabigyan tayo ng pagkakataon. Sa mga sandaling iyon, pilit kong hinuhugot lahat ng tapang sa bawat sulok ng sistema ko para lang, makapagsalita ako at hindi ka magsisi na sumama ka sa akin. Sa mga panahong nahuhuli mo ako na may ibang ginagawa at sabay tanong, tepok, iba ang sagot, huli talaga pero masaya na ako dun, napatawa kita kahit papaano. Sa tigas ng ulo mo, wala naman akong magawa pero masaya pa rin ako dun, sa kadahilanang hindi ka nagdadalawang isip na sabihin kung ano talaga ang gusto mo. Sa totoo lang nahihiya nga ako sayo. Sa halos isang oras na tila napilitan ka lang na manatili
tayong dalawa sa loob ng Mister Donut, masaya na ako dun. Kahit papaano may mga nalaman ako tungkol sayo.

Mayroon pa bang mas nanaisin pa kundi ang muli'y makapiling ka?

Isang bagay na hindi inaasahang dumating, hindi ko rin naman maipaliwanag. Maaaring dala lang ng mga bagay-bagay sa paligid o maaaring lahat ng itoĆ½ isang malaking kathang-isip lamang. Mananatili na nga lang siguro na isang pangarap ang makapiling ka.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

random thought

In this life, we only realize things after we have seen or felt the aftershock of the actions that was done. We tend not to anticipate what's ahead if we decide to do what we feel like doing: the end results, the people who will be affected, the consequences that it might bring along. But sometimes, we opt for what we feel is right rather than what we think is right.

The difference between what we feel is right and what we think is right is simple. For both options, we only consider the reverberations coming from one source: either the heart or the mind. One would be lucky enough if both ends meet. Most of us choose the more susceptible side, generalization-wise, the heart.

What am I talking about? I actually don't have anything in particular.

After some time, one of the realizations that i had is that you must learn to be decisive. With it, be man enough to face the costs and carry the burden that it may bring.