Tuesday, November 6, 2007

superhero and our hands

I remember when I was a kid, I always dreamed of having a real superhero that would save my life and all sorts of stuff that you could imagine when talking about superheroes. But besides having a hero, I’d like to be one too.

Why is this?

I suppose most of us have experienced being bullied in school or by the playground near our houses when we were kids, and even until now we still have encounters with those bullies from time to time. Sometimes we just want to explode and hit them hard in the face, just like a mutant who would unconsciously use their powers to suck the hell out of those pesky kids, but we can’t because we’re outnumbered and sad to say, we don’t have super powers. I still remember the time when I just walked away from a group of bullies and cried on my way home. I felt so helpless, so weak. I tried to stop myself from crying but still tears came rushing down in my cheeks. I didn’t want my Mom to see me like that so I told myself not to go inside until I was done. During that time, I wanted to become Superman so I would have super strength to fight them. I wanted to become Spiderman and put them into a cage of resilient webs where they would feel the same way I felt: helpless, vulnerable.

But looking back to those times, I now realize that that’s so silly of me but you couldn’t blame me for that and I couldn’t blame you for that either (;D). Just like in the movies, being a superhero isn’t just for the benefit of you. It’s helping out those who are in need. But how can I do so if I do not have extraordinary powers?

At times, we are unaware that we become heroes in other people’s lives. Giving up something for the sake of others is really something. Though you think that it’s just a simple thing but for them it’s a big deal.

There’s this story that our pastor told us last Sunday: In a public school, there was student on a bench. She was sitting there for no reason and was just waiting for something that would pull her whole system to go home. Out of nowhere, she heard frail sobs and as she turned around, she saw one of her classmate by the stairs with her head on her knees. She approached her and asked why she was crying.

“I’m hungry. I haven’t eaten anything since breakfast, that’s all.”

“Why? Have no money?”

She checked her pocket and the only money she had left was 8 pesos, just enough for her fare going home. If she gave it to her, it means that she would have to walk for about twenty minutes to reach their house. Anyways, she gave it to her. After receiving the money, her classmate burst into tears.

“Do you know that this is going be my first meal after two days?”

She was shocked upon hearing this. Her classmate bought pieces of bread and ate. On her way home, a car stopped beside her. It was another classmate of hers. She told her that she would take her home since their house was after theirs.

In the eyes of the classmate who ate nothing for two days, she was definitely her hero even just for the day and I believe that this would surely never be forgotten by the one she helped. And her kind heart was rewarded immediately.

We could be a hero in different terms or in different aspects. One thing I’ve learned is that it is not how much you will offer but it is rather what you are going to offer. People sometimes tend to look on us on how much we are going to give but fails to see what we really are about to give. So even without super powers, we can be a hero ourselves. We can be something that would be of great influence to people that we encounter in our everyday lives.

Another lesson learned, sometimes we expect things to work the same way as the way it worked on other people’s hand. For example, a ball that costs about a hundred peso in your hand is worth a million dollars in Jordan’s hands. A golf club can’t even get you through one course but In Tiger Wood’s hands, it’ll make him champion. Five loaves of bread and 2 small fishes can make a few fish sandwiches but in God’s hands, it can feed thousands. It may depend on whose hand it is but we have to remember that we are another unique individual. We have different things to offer.

We should not focus on the capability of others to make people’s lives easier but rather focus how we can do so. Not at all times we are going to meet our expectations for ourselves but we have to remember that there is a time for everything. Learn to be patient. We just have to believe that our hands were made for far better things.

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let's be heroes everyday then. :)