Wednesday, April 15, 2009

a three-day experience

"Some people think that miracles happen only in fairytales 
but miracles do happen everyday if we have eyes to see them"

I am the type of person who could and would normally spend my whole day browsing through random stuff in cyberspce - updates, new music and mtvs or watching movies 'til my eye sores. Funny how i would watch cheesy scenes from the movies again and again up to a point where i would imagine myself in that situation and how i would patiently wait for the credits to end just to know the title of the song used for that scene. I am always amazed on how directors bring out the emotions from the actors as if they were really living in realty and how the musical director would choose the perfect song that would heighten the emotion during the scene. How I wish I could be that good.

Opportunity came back in my sophomore year. I was chosen to direct the batch's entry to the annual play festival in school. Also, it was the same time when i started using windows movie maker to for the our entry's trailer and photoshop for the poster. Hey, its never too late. Thanks to Cyndi for teaching me. After that, it almost became my hobby since projects requires a touch of creativity and uniqueness when it comes to presentations so we would normally opt for a video. That was the spring of a hobby that would soon bloom to passion. 

When Mariz was turning 18, it was the time "Mayad" filled that empty space in one area of my coconut shell, I realized my fancy was still reachable. The dream of creating something that would stick in the minds of the audience - something full of emotions, something with music and something that would tell a story. Yes, Mayad. 

I still remember the time they were shooting for the avp that was presented on Mariz' debut in one of the classrooms in UP. What were they doing? A video presentation? Maybe the usual. What do i know?! The moment I watched the video posted on youtube, I was awestrucked. It was there in front of me, the thing I fancy most.

Mayad Studios has established their name for not just simple wedding videography but something that, as what i've said, tells a story - of love, of being one, of the joy that life brings in such moments.

This summer, they held  a workshop : The Mayad Workshop Year 2 Batch II. I was priveledged to have been accepted among the many applicants. I can't explain how happy and thankful I am for such an opportunity. I learned new things, gained new friends and a whole new experience. I was able to work with cool people. Different personalities means diverse ideas and with them you just can't get enough. From Day 1 where the people behind Mayad taught us the basics of cinematography to Day 2 where we learned the basics in editing and the last day that was equivalent to a day of fun and still new learnings plus building new relationships, everything was just great.

The workshop made me realize that we are all creative in our own way. One can be as creative as the other in their own unique way. An individual has his own set of eyes to spot perfect moments, he has his own set of ears to hear the rhythm of the music that would set ones mood and his heart to bring about a story that really tells THE STORY. Sometimes we get discouraged and intimidated by people whom we think are better than us but what we fail to see is that its not them being good at it but its them telling you that you could also be like them. A little sweat won't hurt if it would mean that you have reached another step in the staircase of your dreams. 

Be pressured to learn and never settle for mediocrity because you can always be better. 

Kudos Mayad!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

the new beginning

"set off. fly."

I just decided a few moments ago to revive my blog. Its been months since I last updated this poor thing. 

Just like any other posts from the past, I easily ran out of words that's why my entries are usually short, speaking of non-sense most of the time, or simply has no substance.

I am facing a new chapter in my life. A rough turn about. If there is one point in my life that I consider all f*cked up, it would be the first few months of this year. My life is literally a mess. From my academics, responsibilities and in relationships. Also, I consider that same period as the one where I definitely questioned my own self if my existence really has a purpose. I was lost and didn't know myself anymore.

I am facing a new chapter in my life. I have decided to set aside the things that are pulling me back to that dark hole where everything seems not to work out. I now know the feeling of having no choice but to let go and give up no matter how painful it is. This is a battle between me and myself.

I am facing a new chapter in my life. I have decided to set the following goals before me:

1. begin improving myself and maintain those improvements. this includes leaving what i am prior to this blog entry. its difficult and this would definitely mean a lot of changes.

2. be on fire. this is the next difficult part. i want to minister. i want to reach my full potentials. i believe that this is only possible if i'll choose to be on the Almighty's side.

3. be the best marketer. this one of the biggest decisions that i made throughout my life. i left the accountancy program even though i have the option to stay believing that i could well utilize my talents in this field. 

I am facing a new chapter in my life.

So help me God.