Thursday, December 27, 2007

new things...

Going back to manila, i found some things which i really wanna try:

Numero Uno:

Strawberry Flavored Taho

- i just read one of my highschool friend's blog and I read the part where she tasted this strawberry flavored taho. I think its good plus im really fond of strawberry flavored stuff except for those stupid imported candy strings.

Numero Dos:

Global Fun Carnival

- according to a website, they are the first European-style carnival to travel in Asia. I think its really going to be funFunFUN when we go there. But since we are all cost cutting, we're just aiming for the experience so we're planning to pay just for the entrance without the rides. Waah! Boring! But what can we do. Though the fee is just 300, our finances are limited and we were thinking that we are not going to enjoy all of it anyway because of the numerous people going there everyday. Sad!

Numero Tres:


-upon arriving at SM Southmall, the first thing that caught my attention was this videoke area. At first glance, it really is something so i wanna try it, but possibilities are, it may turn out just like MO2 Annex. Hehehe.

Numero Quatro:

Hip Hop Abs

-its simply one cool way of getting flat abs and its cool. My brother mentioned it, and yesterday i saw the whole commercial on TV. Its just like aerobics but you're really going to dance. The dance steps are created to burn calories and shed fats in a fun way. You just Tilt, Tuck and Tighten and your on your way to flat, sexy midsection without backaches!

Numero Singko:

Spring Waltz Craze

-i can't believe i'm really into this koreanovela. Maybe because i was able to watch it from the beginning nad there's this one song i'm really crazy about but i still don't know the title and the artist! That Sucks!

Friday, December 21, 2007

its meant to be

Well the scene begins, a little boy is crying and the light in the hallway is dim and he sits right back, thinks of the reason why nothing will fall into place. He gets more and more curious with every day, more furious in every way and he screams out loud, "Why's it happening to me?"

And the answer is "It's meant to be"...

Well he's on his knees and begging please. He wonders if there's somebody out there to make things wrong, to make things right. It might be that there's somebody out there. He moves amongst the crowd, the people they walk by. He questions why they'll have to die, if it's part of our lives, so beautiful and precious, he knows that she shouldn't be afraid of all this...

There are times that she hates you, there are times that she thanks you and hope that you might understand

It gets hard down here, so many things to fear but it's all just a sign that you're near...

Monday, December 17, 2007

lantern parade 2007

I wasn't actually excited about this school activity but turned out that we had fun.

The day before, all that was in my head is STATISTICS. We were about to have our exam early morning of the lantern parade day so review-review-review for me. Good thing peewee was with me so i wasn't bored during my review time. 6 pm came and it was time to have a short break so i watched a play by Ateneo de Manila for kids with cancer. They were really good! Thanks to Nong Noe who had tickets. Well, enough of that.

Fast forwarding...

_movies in my room_
_gifts for SP_

YEY! Lantern Parade!

We (dan,cyndi and me) arrived at school from SM City to see the usual blank scenery of the quadrangle crowded with people. The program started and the walk began! From the quadrangle, past Gen. Luna, past somewhere beside San Agustin and past Mabolo, Delgado... Yeah! A walk wouldn't be fun when alone but with all the people around you, well, its one heck of a walk! Craziness strikes! @_@

Fast forwarding...

_inuman session in my bh_

It was my first time to really get drunk and was quite crazy but surprised me is that after the commotion that happened, i was still on my right mind. Handled everything until we were all knocked out. Good thing Jomar, April and Bianca were not that drunk. Jazey and Mikay though tipsy, was panicky because people were behaving in a not so usual state for us. hehehe.

Here i am again, just sharing what happened.

I had fun! So what the heck.... hehehehe...

Saturday, December 15, 2007

pieces of me

"Most of the time, the things that we take for granted affects us in ways that we can hardly explain."

I just woke up with this thought in my mind. I don't know what to feel right now. A part of me is happy, a part of me is weary, a part of me is frustrated, and a part of me is excited.

The happy and excited part of me:

Our entry for this year's CMPF won second place but for our batch, we are the champions. Every batch is a champion in their own ways, they worked hard for that play so they deserve a round of applause;D... For EGGNOG, i'm thankful for the people behind the whole production. Jude, Cyndi, Yvette, Dan, April, Teng and the rest who really gave much effort. Im proud to say that our batch has a lot of potential when it comes to this battle arena. Last year was our first and we weren't that bad for a first timer and this year was great because we soared high! yeah! I'm glad that our batch found new talents this year: CYNDI, YVETTE, APRIL, DAN and the actors. I can say that they're one of a kind.

Also we won BEST:
- Actress (Robie)
- Director (yours truly)
- Production Design (Teng and Dan)
- Costume (Yvette, c/o Magarbo)
- Script (April)
- Trailer (yours truly, Mikay was GREAT!)

Next year is another challenge for our batch but i know we can make it! Aim high! Law of Attraction!

I'm excited because Christmas is fast approaching and hello Laguna for me! I just want to have a break.

The weary and frustrated part of me:

I really don't know how to give reasons and answers to the questions: Why are you sad? What's the problem? What's bothering you?

I know there's a problem and it really bothers me. As a result, i feel sad about it because i don't know what to do about it.

I started this semester with No-no attitude. I must do something about it if i want to be retained.

So help me God.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

effects of things i can't explain

Highschool has never been of the same with what my friends had. When they talk about the activities and experiences that they had during highschool, i just end up regretting why i didn't study in Iloilo in the first place. But after some time, I realized that there was an unexplainable reason for it. I believe that we all learn and taught the same stuff but we learn it in different ways, with different people and it comes with different experiences.

Goodbyes are one of the few things that i don't like but they say that there's some good to it. When ATOM 05-06 started to go separate ways, i think it was also the same time that i realized this was the first ever hardest 'goodbye' in my life. Some people can't relate to us but what can we do, its the way we feel. I think, the good thing that it taught me is to hold on to something but never fear to let go of it. If it was destined to be with you, its going to be until the last setting of the sun in your life. You may never be with each other but the mutual relationship between you and those people won't change. People may change but not the experiences that you already had. It somehow created an invisible connection between you.

(i don't know what im really saying...)

Today, i saw two people walk past by me. Out of the blue, the emotional side of me started to work and created thoughts that made me sad. It was rather an image of two people walking away without knowing when to return. Once again, it was like seeing the people that have been very close to you walk away...

That's why, as much as possible, I always want to be the first to go rather than being left.