Friday, November 9, 2007

Hear me..

Today, some things really didn't go the way they should but i know that its normal. You can't do anything about it. This past few days were sort of normal and i think everything's normal... But i don't feel normal.

I want to thank you for all you've done in my life. I always wander off from the way where you lead me but I know that you know that I don't feel good about it and I thank you for still being there for me. You never left my side. Eventhough I'm always like that, you always accept me whenever I go back. You always make me feel that you're never too far away, I just have to look for you. Years have passed and I know that you know the reason why my life is like this. You are the one who really knows my weaknesses and I thank you for carrying me whenever I can't walk anymore. Thank you for picking me up whenever I fall. You are always there in my darkest times, eventhough it's only the time when i get to remember you. You are also there whenever I'm glad, eventhough it's the time when i fail to remember you.

I want you to hear me now. I'm happy with my life. I have a great family. Yes, and I really love them though I fail to show make them feel that I do. I have great friends and I love them too. Both of them have been the ones who inspire me and give me strength when I think I can't do it anymore and the ones that make me smile when I'm blue and I know you're using them...

I don't know but I hope you understand if I ask this request and I'm not taking this back anymore... If you do have plans for me and If you know that I can make it far, then good but if i will continue to go against you or make things that would not be pleasing anymore, to your eyes and the people around me then better take my life. Yes, i'm serious. I know that we humans are not perfect and they may say that we learn from our mistakes and thats how it is as we get through life but I think I'll make it big time and I think it won't be pleasing. So please... Just take me... I'm sorry for all I've done and I know you know the reasons why I did those things. I really am guilty. Once again... please hear me... Take my life if I'm heading to something unlikable... Please...


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