Saturday, September 20, 2008


It's been years since the time I last set foot in the land of gardens after spring rains, the land of palm trees and dates: Riyadh. I really miss it there and the stuff I used to do there, the food that I used to eat, the places where we used to go on a usual hot day. Part of me is Riyadh and it will forever be. 

I just saw some pictures that a friend took while she was still in Riyadh and that's the reason behind this blog entry. I just wanted to share the things that has been part of my life. Though Filipinos are not that free there, they still manage to have fun given that there are a lot of restrictions. From the city, they go to Dammam or Al-khobar during Ramadan vacations just to have fun along its shores. Malls never ran out of Filipino faces. There will always be one or two families that roam around shopping malls every day. The population of Filipinos in the middle east increases every year. The population of students alone would comprise a big number of Filipinos. When i was still studying there, there was about 8 Filipino schools providing education for our kababayans. The largest of which is the International Philippine School in Riyadh(IPSR) and the Second Philippine International School(SPIS) in Riyadh with over 1500 students each. Oh well, I guess WE are everywhere.

Here are some photos that I took from my friend's multiply account and some other websites:

the infamous red sand

the hidden valley

the half moon beach in Al Khobar



My all time favorite: SHAWARMA
Its not the shawarma available in the Philippines. Its way different from the original. The stuff inside the pita are: chicken(lots of it, the one you see above), fries and pickles. There is also another variety which is the bigger one. It has a thinner pita and there's added herbs and tomatoes.

Galaxy Chocolates
Of all the chocolates i've tasted, this one is my favorite. It's almost similar to Cadbury but its still is different. My favorite variety is Galaxy ripple. Its like stik-o made of chocolate with shredded(??) chocolates inside to make that melting feel a bit more exciting. Haha.

Rani Juice Drinks
No. 1 in my juice drink list until now. Never found anything close to Rani. What makes it different is the fruit pulps with the drink. It comes with orange, peach, mango and pineapple. Its a fun version of your regular tropicana with pulp.

Jarir Bookstore: The best in town.

Philippine Embassy: Basketball Court
This where every school activity is held. From the foundation week, the basketball intramurals and our prom. Lot's of memories there.

Philippine Embassy: I-dont-know-the-name Hall
We took our UPCAT inside.

The Al Mamlaka (Kingdom) Tower and Al-Faisaliyah Tower
The thing that makes them special are the malls situated at the foot of the buildings. We usually go to Faisaliyah(pyramid-like structure) every weekend just to window shop and pig out at Little Caesar's or the  Cheesecake factory.

Millennium International School: Highschool Days

My favorite spot
Its a almost a similar view from our rooftop. When i just need some quiet time, I go there and just stare at the two marvel, each changing colors from time to time. Its my zone.

Monday, September 8, 2008

qubeworks and photoshoots

We never expected that we could possibly start/create a group where everyone's main goal is business. I guess we were somehow influenced by some of the seminars we have attended in the past few weeks and by the mere people that surrounds us. We actually do not have anything in particular as a start of our career in the field of business. All sorts of ideas came to our minds, from brilliant to the most indescribable thought you could ever imagined. Included in those thoughts were: T-Shirt design, web page design, video editing and the latest, photography. Only one of us has a professional camera (Nikon D80 c/o Mariz) so we're just making the best out of it. Here are some raw photos taken last week at the football field.

and this one was taken after HASA XXVI:

So that's us without cocober that night because she needs to go early. Qubeworks is made up of Cyndi, Dan, Mikay, Mariz, Yvette and yours truly. We are driven by a single goal, to have a business and earn.