Monday, July 28, 2008


The annual fashion show/modeling contest took place last July 25, 2008 at the UPV covered court in the Miag-ao campus. With nine (9) contenders, Scions takes home the 2nd spot for Best Modeling Group as well as 2nd place for both male and female models.

With limited time for practice, I am thankful enough that most of our plans materialized. What's memorable about this year's Hinugyaw is that we were all glad that most of the people who watched it, liked it in one way or another. Some commented that though we we're only second best, they believe that we are much better.

This year, the concept was small industries and the establishment of autonomous units which were represented as UP Baguio, UP Visayas, UP Mindanao and UP Los Banos. It served as one remarkable testament to the progression of the university's history.

All I can say is I had fun, and I'm proud of our output.=D

Friday, July 11, 2008

water person

gURL.comI took the "Chinese Elements" quiz on
I am...

The ancient Yin-Yang scholars saw water types as people who usually didn't mind spending a little time by themselves. Honesty probably means a lot to you--if there's one thing water types can't stand, it's people who tell lies, even "little" white lies. Water types are happiest near water. Read more...

What chinese element are you?

i happen to pass by the site and just took the quiz, nothing unusual... there's the result and i guess it tells much about me just like SKOUSEN(my house in our very own house cup)... too bad i belong to METAL in our acquaintance party tomorrow...-_-