Saturday, May 3, 2008

project 101

honmono no monogatari...
Oftentimes, i feel that i have everything, that I'm contented like being a jitterbug: lofty and exuberant. But you know what? It's that there are those people who take advantage of what i had become. It's that thing that would puncture me, holes and all. But you know what? I just smile, smirk and laugh it all away. Why? It's because life smiles along with you even when you're lonely.

For the last few weeks, my parents took advantage of how big their sons now are. Before, all the stuff that needs to be repaired inside the house would be the burden of my dad and uncle who lives with us together with his family. But now, evident that their three sons are all grown up, work seems easier with additional manpower. Although i was dreading the fact that we're the one whose going to do those stuff now and maybe the finished product won't turn out well, we gave it a try.

So there were three projects for and all of those involve painting stuff. The boy's bedroom, the living room and the garage together with the gate itself. They already gave us the privelege to choose what colors are going to be used and to tell you the truth, my younger brothers and i seem to have the same taste except for some parts.

The Boy's Bedroom - This is the only room in the house that was left untouched (except for the closet's former color). The walls and the ceiling were in their same colors since then: white. The moment my parent's asked us of what color is going to be used, the immediate response was blue but i pointed out that it is somehow attractive to mosquitos (got that from Nang Bam) so blue was turned down. After laying down possible colors, we decided to paint the walls orange and my brother and I had this brilliant idea of saving the closet doors for our artistic abilities. The things that took place in between was fun though we were not able to achieve what was planned. The walls were painted peach, yes its close to orange but its more of the feminine side I guess which IS not for us.The closet doors were painted red and the old white vinyl was changed to a wood-looking ones. We like it anyway especially our parents. They moved in right away after all things done and we transferred to their room.-_-

Being frustrated of having not achieved the color we wanted for the walls in our room, we suggested the same color for the living room and guess what? We failed again. The color that we got was sort of mangoish-melonish-sunflowerish one. Honestly speaking, I like it though together with the new sala set that my parents bought to match the walls. wOot!

So the last project was the garage. They hired carpenters to work on the roofing part and we were assigned to do the painting of its new ceiling and the gate. The final verdict: blue to match the gutter. We just finished painting the gate today and i consider it an achievement. I learned what materials to be used so added knowledge that i know will be used when I do stuff like this in my own house.^-^

At the same time, the end of the project serves as an indicator that the flight of my mom and my youngest sister back to Riyadh is near. My dad went back last April 27. Though we're already used to it, I still hate this feeling when we part. Once again, we go separate ways.

but, But, BUT... I asked my mom how to cook her so-called "Ginisang Alugbati". Alugbati is one of the few vegetables that people don't eat. Some use it as feeds for pigs but for me, its one of the dishes I personally like. The whole period of their stay here in the Philippines, we were living a healthy life. Oats and fruit servings would never be lost in the morning. Viands would most of the time consist of vegetables and fish. So back to learning how to cook the dish, it was easy. I just don't know about the preparation of the ingredients. I'll try to learn my mom's Adobo ilonggo style and her Sinigang. The one thing i failed to ask was how my dad cooks Adobo. There's this distinct taste in the way he cooks it and the smell alone on the process of cooking it simply makes me hungry. There's a sort of arabic hint in his Adobo. Oh well, there's always next year!


the donG said...

hahaha... astig project. talagang mahirap nga ang mag paint mixing para makuha ang kulay. expert ang tatay ko at nanay ko dyan. we have a paint store and we also make furnitures. sanay na din ako magpintura although i don't do it often.

pero saludo ako sa yo dahil sa ginawa mong pagtulong. astig ka!

dave said...


sayang sana sa inyo nalang kami kumuha ng pintura.. haha.. my tito already suggested na ipamix nalang nmin but my dad insisted na kaya na daw namin. ayun, walang pinatunguhan... haha..@_@