Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Back to a no parent and no sister environment. My mom together with my youngest sister are bound for Riyadh today. Somehow, home isn't so sweet without them. No one making orders and no one who laughs out loud. As my sister grows, she becomes much like my mom. The way she talks and her gestures, just like my mom. Oh well, I'm really going to miss her, them. It will take another year before we could see each other but thanks to technology, they seem close though they're miles away. Together with them is my dad's camera. So I'm back to a no camera state again and its friggin boring. Its the one that I'm holding in the photo above. This blog of mine will once again be a limited photo blog.

So what's next for me:

- study for my removal exam in calculus

- try to read valix

- update my blog once in a while

- try to develop my literary skills

- get myself ready for the coming semester


the donG said...

dave, ano nga pala course mo? engineering ba?

dave said...

accountancy po... plan ko pa rin mag second course,baka multimedia arts...=D