Thursday, May 1, 2008

day out

FCBC San Lorenzo chapter celebrated its annual family outing at Bato Springs - San Pablo, Laguna. Last year was at Majayjay but this place was better but the water was still ice cold.

The Rugrats
(you'll never get tired of them)

Denzel Luke



Kids Next Door
(they'll piss you off from time to time but they're still lovable)

Matthew Miguel and Angelo


Naomi Nissi

Stars for all time
(we always make sure we have FUN)

Through the years, we never fail to make the day a whole lot of adventure. Much fun thanks to the new members of the young people. We still have lots of years to look forward to. woOt!


the donG said...

astig nga itong annual family outing. saya naman ng mga rugrats. the names are really familiar. parang mga celebrity.

dave said...

sana nga next year beach naman... Saya talaga nung mga baby, especially Hannah. Ang dami ng comic moments.=D

cyndi said...

uuuy... this looks like a lot of fun.. =D