Thursday, May 8, 2008

monstermash playground

As far as I know, artistic abilities surge through the veins of our clan. I think it’s also evident in my persona in one way or another. Maybe I have to explore more of my capabilities.

I have this cousin who really is good in his craft. Ever since he was a kid, people never doubted his skills and knew that one day he’d be successful in the field he had chosen. I won’t say more, I’ll just leave you with his profile.

John Carlo P. Erise
Hobbies and Interests:
Toys, Games and Parties!
Favorite Books:
Neil Gaimans "Sandman" "Endless Nights", Origin, Wizard, other trade paper backs of grant morrison, ASTONISHING XMEN
Favorite Movies:
Marvel Movies, LOTR, Shrek...
Favorite Music:
Switchfoot, All American Rejects, Yellowcard, etc. (alternative, hiphop)
Favorite TV Shows:
Heroes, Naruto...

Recenlty, he is a freelancer and is bound for Singapore in the upcoming days. Some of his works are the storyboards for the following TV Commercials:

-Colgate Barkada Challenge

-PS Bank

-Lady's Choice



-Tanduay 5 years (coming soon=D)

He already has a number of creations and here is a clip of my personal favorites:

You could check out his works on deviant art:

By the way, check out their monstermash playground art exhibit. They were featured in Unang Hirit and UNTV.

Check them out:
and watch them on youtube:


wanderingcommuter said...

probably it runs in the family...hehehe. btw, i already added you on my link. and one more thing i love avatar! hehehe

the donG said...

amazing. i also like collecting comics but never had the chance to be an artist. astig mga projects nya.

dave said...

wandering commuter: mahn, i love avatar! wehehe...

the dong: nkakainggit nga eh... at least i have someone to ask for pointers sa plan din nmin na little business...=D