Saturday, May 10, 2008

late night nothings

Before i go to bed and totally dose off, I'll just put some of my thoughts here.

Definitely, it's not gonna be an interesting post to read actually. It's one of the many nonsense stuff that from time to time i get to notice.

As we go through life, yes there are many things that we encounter and some of them seem to be experiences that one never imagined he would go through. For a moment, you ask yourself, why? What's the reason behind? But most of the time you get the answers to your questions in times you least expected it to arrive. In ways which would make you regret how you've been answered and the aftershock that causes too much pain.

With this people tend to behave in a manner that unintentionally deviates from their true personality that's why others misinterpret them. But you know what, those people never intended to hurt anybody. They are only trying to find the one piece that would complete them. The happiness that would somehow make them forget the past and move on. They want to learn how to love themselves first, in that way they would also learn how to love the people that surrounds them.

In this life, i guess, you'll never gonna get the fullest of it unless you know your way around. I don't know if I'm making sense.


the donG said...

nung may inattend kaming teamplayer training ito yung magandang quote "different is not abnormal. different is simply different". - we cannot expect other people to be who we want them to be but we can change our way of looking and approaching them.

ganda ng late night nothings mo. dapat series na to.

wanderingcommuter said...

i always believe in stories there are actually no bidas or kontrabidas if you're going to watch it with an open mind and a wider context and considerations!