Thursday, August 28, 2008


Music from basic definition is the language of the soul. Yeah, for me, its my only way to release everything within me, all the emotions, inhibitions, etc. From the moment you wake up to the second that you close your eyes, music is present though it may be unnoticeable. It became my company from the most significant to the most insignificant moments in my life.

So music through the years. Let me share with you some.

36 Days by Hawk Nelson
"I feel so alive, though part of me is gone and this life I lead is the life that I've dreamed of since I was the age of twelve."
-Life is full of uncertainties and new beginnings. For me, it speaks of sacrifice as you pursue what you've always dreamed of. The reality of it is a bit sad actually.

Sail Away by The Rasmus
"No reason to lie, no need to pretend. I'm grateful to die, to live once again. I'm fearless to fly, to reach for the end."
-Another sad song. It tells of the reality that everyone would come to the twilight of its life. Its a love song actually. I heard this back in 4th year high school when our batch were about to go separate ways. The song somehow is relevant and it still do makes me emotional at times.

Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson
"Halaka Ukelele mama made a baby"
-Oh well, this one is just cool. As to how my ind interprets it, its a song for those who don't have time to take it a bit slow, relax. There's always time. Haha..=D

Little Wonders by Rob Thomas
"All of my regret will wash away somehow but i cannot forget how i feel right now."
-The most encouraging song I've ever heard. We should cherish every single moment in our lives. We tend to ignore small hours that we spend with people but its not impossible you are, at the same time, what they needed at that very hour and may change their whole life(??). Keep moving forward says the Disney movie Meet the Robinsons. We fail yet it is certain that it will come to an end.

Those are only some of the many that continually inspires me(@_@).


the donG said...

wow! this is a proof na tumatanda na ako. wala kasi ni isa dito sa kanta ang alam ko. hehehe... very interesting lines. might as well search for these songs.

Lionheart : Richard the Adventurer said...

Well, music for me is one of my medicines that makes me relax and comfortable all the time... Before I go to sleep.. For sure makikinig muna ako ng mga favorite songs ko.. Para maganda ang tulog hanggang sa paggising ko!

Lawstude said...

got here via a link from a friend's blog and i can't help but comment on the interesting posts you made here and i will definitely come back to read more. take care and GOD bless. :)