Monday, September 8, 2008

qubeworks and photoshoots

We never expected that we could possibly start/create a group where everyone's main goal is business. I guess we were somehow influenced by some of the seminars we have attended in the past few weeks and by the mere people that surrounds us. We actually do not have anything in particular as a start of our career in the field of business. All sorts of ideas came to our minds, from brilliant to the most indescribable thought you could ever imagined. Included in those thoughts were: T-Shirt design, web page design, video editing and the latest, photography. Only one of us has a professional camera (Nikon D80 c/o Mariz) so we're just making the best out of it. Here are some raw photos taken last week at the football field.

and this one was taken after HASA XXVI:

So that's us without cocober that night because she needs to go early. Qubeworks is made up of Cyndi, Dan, Mikay, Mariz, Yvette and yours truly. We are driven by a single goal, to have a business and earn.

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the donG said...

ayos ah! kailangan ko pa naman ng web designer. hehehe... keep it up. basta enjoy at legal ayos yan.