Sunday, August 3, 2008

random thought

In this life, we only realize things after we have seen or felt the aftershock of the actions that was done. We tend not to anticipate what's ahead if we decide to do what we feel like doing: the end results, the people who will be affected, the consequences that it might bring along. But sometimes, we opt for what we feel is right rather than what we think is right.

The difference between what we feel is right and what we think is right is simple. For both options, we only consider the reverberations coming from one source: either the heart or the mind. One would be lucky enough if both ends meet. Most of us choose the more susceptible side, generalization-wise, the heart.

What am I talking about? I actually don't have anything in particular.

After some time, one of the realizations that i had is that you must learn to be decisive. With it, be man enough to face the costs and carry the burden that it may bring.


the donG said...

in every choice comes a consequence. good choice, bad choice... what's important, we need to learn from it.

nice post dave.

Lizzy said...

Yo! Ka-SI ko! :D Indi man ko mahilig magbasa sang una pero si Bambam naghatag sa akon books which are enjoyable to read so yeah!xD Pero hinay man ko gyapon magbasa..-___-;

I realize.... ga sabad lang ko d! Hehe..^__^b Sa dasun.. kay ma blog ko about you~ :D