Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Get Enchanted!

Ok, this is the start of what i call the longest weekend during this boring summer vacation of mine. Though some (nang bam, etc.) weren't able to come, we still had fun, loads of FUN. So far, this trip to Enchanted Kingdom was the most fun-filled one i guess, compared to the other 20 visits i made. Haha. Thanks to these group of people. I wont discuss much about the things that took place inside the theme park because its gonna take me hours to finish but instead, ill upload some photos here.

This was taken outside Rialto. The line was quite long that it extended outside the building and it was a bit surprising actually. Maybe people got so interested with the film currently playing: "Spongebob Squarepants - The Ride."

The foreigners above are part of the performing group of i-don't-know-what-they're-called. My sister just wanted to have pictures with them so there they are.

Even though its a bit early for this ride, we just hopped in because its along the way. This is the first and last of the wheel of fate.

What i told them was that we're just going to get ourselves a bit wet as jumpstart for the Rio Grande Rapids later on. So they said "ok." I asked Nang K.O. to sit in the front most of the log. After that almost 7 feet and another 12 feet free fall, this was her statement: "Nagbayad ako ng 330 pesos para lang mamatay!"

I'm just glad she still managed to smile afterwards. Jungle Log Jam was their favorite ride at the end the day. I guess their favorite part was looking at their pictures during the 12 feet free fall. All they could do was to laugh out loud.@_@

All i did during the ride was to laugh at them. Haha. Evil me. Who wouldn't? If you could just see their faces as the ship swinged back and forth giving us that unexplainable feeling, i bet you'd be doing the same thing except if it wasn't your first time. Nang Sheila, though her first time, couldn't help but laugh at Nang Nana and Nong Paul too.

The Roller Skater ride. I was left for the next turn because i didn't have any partner to go with and i won't go with the complete stranger either.

But i guess it made way for me to have this picture. I like it that i used it as the new banner of my blog.^-^

Got wet. They weren't satisfied by the first round because Nang Sheila didn't get wet that much so all hopes for Nang Sheila during the second round. Good thing, she did got wet!

The perfect ride after getting ourselves wild and wet. The Flying Fiesta. For the sake of our damp clothes, we took the ride.

Outside the 4D Theater. I like this shot too. Its close to real except for the casted shadows. Maybe if we took it when the sun was still up.

The last three good shots from my dad's cam. Oh well. We're headed for Tagaytay the next day. Here are some shots i took while inside the park:

And the models for the day. Sponsored by Giordano. These shirts are my brothers'. They borrowed it in preparation of the wet and wild part:

We just walked home after the park closed. Hehe. Tiring but fun. I hope there'd be a next time but in a different place here in Laguna. Maybe in Los Banos. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Haha. First comment!

Sadya! Kahilisa!

Ga-compete si Nang nana, Nang KO kg Nang Sheila kung sin-o pinakanami kwa sa pix? Anu man?


the donG said...

nice header for your blog. good that you enjoyed it this time around.

ang barkada pa rin ang nagdadala ng saya.

dave said...

henry: hindi mn gd ah! hehehe... pirmi lang na cla g.pose, biskan gni la camera daw g.pose mn japon kg upod pa gd mnghod ko... a2 na eh! hehe...

the dong: i agree. can't imagine using up a one year all ride pass all by yourself. hehe...=D

Earvin said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


guess who!!!!!

dave said...

ahm... cyndi?

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