Friday, April 25, 2008


Yes! I get to be a teacher for a week!

Today is the last day of our lessons and tomorrow is dedicated for practices for every departments' presentation for the graduation on Sunday.

DVBS: Daily Vacation Bible School.

I was raised in a Christian family so the church and everything in it is part of my life. I may not be a good testimony to my brothers and sisters out there but i do LOVE most of the things in it and one of the things i look forward to is the Daily Vacation Bible School every summer vacation. I started assisting when i was in grade 5 and today i still do except for last year because i was head teacher. Maybe they thought i wouldn't be around so they looked for other young people who are present to do the job. But at least i still get to be an assistant.

Deputy Captain Dave

This year's theme is Sidekicks: Real power comes from God alone. For a moment there, we thought that there would be less attendees because the other churches in the village are through with their dvbs and only this year did it happen that there were only few students at around 7:30 A.M. so we were a bit disappointed but after the teachers' devotion, viola! Almost 3/4 of the hall was full and more were coming. God never fails. I was assigned to teach children ages 8-9 and they were called MIGHTORS. Every department has a captain and a number of deputy captains and I'm one of them. Yey!

James Lorenz Valmadrid

For the last two years, he has been my student and we're close. I dunno why. We just make fun of each other every after classes. He would ask me to carry him on my back on our way back to the church from our nearby classroom. I'll try to get a photo of him tomorrow.


Every day a hyper villain would show up and try to tease the children. The captains' goal is to discuss to the students the story for the day and how they would defeat the day's hyper villain. On the fourth day, i was the hyper villain, Bellerion. Try to re scramble the letters and it will form the word rebellion. So meet Bellerion:


the donG said...

looks like its cool to be bellerion.

dave said...

the dong: yesh! its fun too! d only tiring part was painting myself...

the donG said...

and taking it out! hehehe... how long did it take you to paint yourself and removing it?

dave said...

ehehe.. half an hour i guess but taking it out is surprisingly much easier than putting it on. Thanks to apricot scrub which made it a whole lot easier.=D

Earvin said...

ASTIG ka talaga dave. Weehehe!