Thursday, April 10, 2008


When i started out at UPV, i only have but one goal: BE RETAINED!

I am not the academic type rather a more outgoing and "bahala na" type so i do excel when it comes to extra curricular activities.

The second semester of AY 2007-2008 i guess was the worst semester by the way i started things out. I really lost track of things and i don't know which to prioritize. Along the way i just did my part by giving out the best i can for me to get high grades from my classes. Surprisingly it turned out great. Thank God!

Here are the results:
Math 101 (Statistics) : 2.25
Econ 101 (Macroeconomics) : 2.75
SocSci 26 (People, Places and Spaces) : 1.75
Comm 2 (Paper Stuff) : 1.75
PE 2 (Softball) : 1.75
BA 99.2 (Accounting) : 1.75
BA 183.2 (Computer) : 1.25

So i got a general weighted average of 1.916. So far, my grade for the last sem is the highest and i'm proud of it that's why i posted it...-_-

I didn't expect my grade for Stat. After having two (4) from algebra and calculus and a (2.75) from trigonometry, hu! achievement!

Pagpasenxahan niyo nalang at talagang natuwa lang ako. Hehe.


Bambam said...

haha. that's exactly my GWA during 2nd year second sem too.... hahahha....congratz bata! ^_______^

Earvin said...


the donG said...

kewl! galing ah!

cyndita said...

wow.. galing.. [clap2x!]
that's a balance semester for you! sikat na, taas pa ng grades!!

the donG said...

congratulations! better grades for the next sem should be a target.

Anonymous said...



God is starting to help you realize doors to excel academically. It's been a great year for you.