Wednesday, December 5, 2007

effects of things i can't explain

Highschool has never been of the same with what my friends had. When they talk about the activities and experiences that they had during highschool, i just end up regretting why i didn't study in Iloilo in the first place. But after some time, I realized that there was an unexplainable reason for it. I believe that we all learn and taught the same stuff but we learn it in different ways, with different people and it comes with different experiences.

Goodbyes are one of the few things that i don't like but they say that there's some good to it. When ATOM 05-06 started to go separate ways, i think it was also the same time that i realized this was the first ever hardest 'goodbye' in my life. Some people can't relate to us but what can we do, its the way we feel. I think, the good thing that it taught me is to hold on to something but never fear to let go of it. If it was destined to be with you, its going to be until the last setting of the sun in your life. You may never be with each other but the mutual relationship between you and those people won't change. People may change but not the experiences that you already had. It somehow created an invisible connection between you.

(i don't know what im really saying...)

Today, i saw two people walk past by me. Out of the blue, the emotional side of me started to work and created thoughts that made me sad. It was rather an image of two people walking away without knowing when to return. Once again, it was like seeing the people that have been very close to you walk away...

That's why, as much as possible, I always want to be the first to go rather than being left.

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