Thursday, December 27, 2007

new things...

Going back to manila, i found some things which i really wanna try:

Numero Uno:

Strawberry Flavored Taho

- i just read one of my highschool friend's blog and I read the part where she tasted this strawberry flavored taho. I think its good plus im really fond of strawberry flavored stuff except for those stupid imported candy strings.

Numero Dos:

Global Fun Carnival

- according to a website, they are the first European-style carnival to travel in Asia. I think its really going to be funFunFUN when we go there. But since we are all cost cutting, we're just aiming for the experience so we're planning to pay just for the entrance without the rides. Waah! Boring! But what can we do. Though the fee is just 300, our finances are limited and we were thinking that we are not going to enjoy all of it anyway because of the numerous people going there everyday. Sad!

Numero Tres:


-upon arriving at SM Southmall, the first thing that caught my attention was this videoke area. At first glance, it really is something so i wanna try it, but possibilities are, it may turn out just like MO2 Annex. Hehehe.

Numero Quatro:

Hip Hop Abs

-its simply one cool way of getting flat abs and its cool. My brother mentioned it, and yesterday i saw the whole commercial on TV. Its just like aerobics but you're really going to dance. The dance steps are created to burn calories and shed fats in a fun way. You just Tilt, Tuck and Tighten and your on your way to flat, sexy midsection without backaches!

Numero Singko:

Spring Waltz Craze

-i can't believe i'm really into this koreanovela. Maybe because i was able to watch it from the beginning nad there's this one song i'm really crazy about but i still don't know the title and the artist! That Sucks!


bambam said...

the strawberry taho sounds absolutely DELISH. =D~


cyndi said...

ooops.. uy, i finishes watching spring waltz na!!! hahaha.. I was uber crazy about it pero nung natapos ko na i m super sad na.. weeehhh... u know naman me super hopeless romantic..