Monday, December 17, 2007

lantern parade 2007

I wasn't actually excited about this school activity but turned out that we had fun.

The day before, all that was in my head is STATISTICS. We were about to have our exam early morning of the lantern parade day so review-review-review for me. Good thing peewee was with me so i wasn't bored during my review time. 6 pm came and it was time to have a short break so i watched a play by Ateneo de Manila for kids with cancer. They were really good! Thanks to Nong Noe who had tickets. Well, enough of that.

Fast forwarding...

_movies in my room_
_gifts for SP_

YEY! Lantern Parade!

We (dan,cyndi and me) arrived at school from SM City to see the usual blank scenery of the quadrangle crowded with people. The program started and the walk began! From the quadrangle, past Gen. Luna, past somewhere beside San Agustin and past Mabolo, Delgado... Yeah! A walk wouldn't be fun when alone but with all the people around you, well, its one heck of a walk! Craziness strikes! @_@

Fast forwarding...

_inuman session in my bh_

It was my first time to really get drunk and was quite crazy but surprised me is that after the commotion that happened, i was still on my right mind. Handled everything until we were all knocked out. Good thing Jomar, April and Bianca were not that drunk. Jazey and Mikay though tipsy, was panicky because people were behaving in a not so usual state for us. hehehe.

Here i am again, just sharing what happened.

I had fun! So what the heck.... hehehehe...

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