Sunday, June 22, 2008

crazy weekend

AY 08-09, for me, is a BLAST.

For us accountancy students, this is the last year of the retention policy and we just have to prove ourselves. Its either we make it or shift to another degree program or if desperate, transfer to another school and still take accountancy.

Based on what I am going through, i dread my schedule for Monday and Thursday because I have both Accounting and Law on that day. Though I have a 6-hour break between the two subjects, it still is not enough for me most especially I only fall on the average learner category. This year really is different compared to the last two years of my stay in the university. I'm surprised that I can stand doing nothing but to read for hours and take note, day and night. But they say, "it's normal". I do believe so but it will take time before my system adjusts to all the studying that needs to be done. Now i miss my freshman days!

Now here comes the rainy season. It started raining last Friday and we fancy it because we could bring our umbrellas(haha^^) and of course a break from the terrible heat! Our academic organization, JPIA, was supposed to have its general assembly for the academic year yesterday morning. We were all excited because its the dawn of the yearly house cup(adapted from Harry Potter's House Cup). We, together with my housemates, barely slept in preparation of our banners and stuff but all our efforts were wasted because of the weather which suddenly released its fury without prior notice. Yes, Frank.

Nonetheless, it opened the door to the craziest weekend. For just one day, it really made a difference. Its my first time to experience such weather here in Iloilo. Imagine a day without electricity and water, a big NO-NO isn't it? No electricity means no possibility of charging your cellphones which are the quickest and practical means of communication. Imagine going to the nearest mall for charging and before you could enter, you might as well swim to reach the entrance. Imagine hearing employees asking each other of the possibilities that the mall won't operate the following day because of the weather. Imagine stores inside malls which has no choice but to close one after the other, moment after moment. Imagine being stressed out just waiting for your ride outside with the wind madly howling. Imagine being wet and cold and then you arrive in a place of refuge just to figure out that your jacket has been slashed and your phone was intentionally taken. Imagine having no choice but to check-in to the nearest hotel but turns out each of them are fully-booked. Imagine feeling desperate to get a room to crash and the receptionist cannot reach the person who had earlier reservations for the room you're about to occupy. Imagine having a day's break and you wake up thinking that the storm already calmed but later finds out it hadn't. Mad isn't it?

After a movie at Robinson's place (yeah, i still managed to watch a movie), Mariz asked us to help out in distributing clothes for those in the evacuation centers. In SM City Iloilo, the PUJ's drop-off point was turned into a small evacuation center. Yes, people stayed there with their things, helplessly waiting for some help. It's good to know that there are a lot of concerned citizens who help out in times like these. They distribute basic necessities like cooked food and water. Its also my first time to help out in times like these and places like that but its really fulfilling. What pissed us off was people who still managed to be picky or choosy (whatever the word is) in situations like that of today.

"Pwede yung pink nalang?"
"Ay, puti? Madudumihan lang yan, wala ng iba?"
"Pwede yung loose lang na t-shirt?

I for one understand that people tend to become mad in such times, but can't they be just thankful enough for the people who help and just appreciate whatever they receive?? Tomorrow, we'll be helping out again.

Anyway, Made of Honor is a nice movie. Its the movie I watched earlier and one more thing, I really am addicted to avatar! I can't wait for the 16th episode of season 3! Argh!


Lawstude said...

I know kaya mo yan. Medyo mahirap talaga accountancy. Ako nga obsolete na alam ko sa accounting kaya nagrereview uli ako ng mga bagong materials.

in due time alam ko CPA ka na.

the donG said...

oo nga. lupit nga ng bagyo. yung bahay ng tita ko dyan sa molo nagkabaha din konti. buti na lang hindi ganun ka taas.

kakaiba nga yung tao na pumipili pa na libre na nga.

good luck lagi sa pag aaral.

dave said...

lawstude: thanks..=D I'll just trust everything to HIM...

the dong: super operation tulong kmi d2 ngayon... yung ibang lugar wala pa ring kuryente hanggang ngayon...

yah, hindi nman maxado apektado ang molo... dun din ako nagsstay...=D

the donG said...

talaga? saan sa molo? dati every summer vacation nandyan ako.

dave said...

the dong: wah! sa villa soriano subdivision lang ako... 3 minute ride papunt sa church ng molo or pwede din lakarin... hehehe...

TENTAY™ said...

Naku accountancy. naloka ako jan. Yan din ang cors ko ng una. kaso... napunta sa maling landas... sayang at almost dean's lister ako,, kaso mas malakas ang tawag ng kasamaan. hay... if only... kaya ikaw galingan mo ha. gud luck gud luck!

san k pla aral?

dave said...

tentay: UP in the visayas ako... ehehe..