Tuesday, October 30, 2007

i was carried away

Yeah.. i was carried away by my emotions. Thanks Nang Bam for explaining things to me...

Sometimes i become narrow minded when troubled.

There's no use in taking back the things that i've said. What Nang Bam said hit me hard in the face.

"I don't mean to say that you dismiss every comforting thing, may it be sincere or otherwise, others offer you. Just think of it this way: No matter how hard and improbable it is for anybody to understand what you feel, there's still someone who's willing enough to make an effort to do so. Even the most insincere comforts are noteworthy because, in a way, it's letting you know that the person recognizes the existence of your feeling and tries to do something about it, even if it aint so real, at least it's SOMETHING. I think, even if it ain't THAT helpful, it is still something so greatly beautiful. "

Yeah, why didn't i think of that. I believe that i'm not the only one who has the same attitude when troubled and i do admit my mistakes. I still have to learn a lot of things. Hu! Maybe i'm just expecting too much from the people around me.

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