Wednesday, May 2, 2007

spidey and nothing but spidey

yeah... there it was... the third movie of the famous comic book hero spiderman...

didn't expect that my dad was gonna take us to the movie house... coolness!

from the very beginning of the movie... it really started to cath my attention coz of the credits... somehow it gave us (the audience) a flashback to what came before the third installment of the movie... hu! and that is one good idea of getting people's attention.

the story started when peter parker(spiderman) was being consumed of the fame that the superhero in him was getting.. NY was really in love with spidey... at first he was managing it well but there came the thing from the meteorite(symbiote) that fell to earth and when problems came to him, it changed peter... it gave him more strength and amplified his emotions, specifically 'hate and vengeance'...

wahahah... it really gave the film a twist... i was starting to hate spidey and liking the character of his bestfriend(harry/new goblin) who was currently suffering from short term memory loss... more characters came... flint marco (sandman) and eddie brock(venom)... yeah... it gave the movie a blast!

in the end... of course... spidey is still good, venom died, sandman somehow became good... well actually he was good but he was driven by the needs of his daughter... and the thing that i hate most is when harry died... he was'nt given too much exposure on the good side... and wow! it made me teary eyed!

well this was one heck of a movie and i love it! im gonna get it on original dvd! wahahah!

one more thing... i learned from it... i'll just post it next time... im just gonna review it a bit...

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